Ryan Klem – Dried Up


Dried Up is a new single from artist Ryan Klem. Guitar and vocals driven, the song is a heartfelt alternative / indie folk track. It reminds me a bit of early-mid 2000s artists like Bright Eyes. Klem even sounds a bit like Conor Oberst. The lyrical delivery oscillates back and forth from quietly sensitive to explosively passionate as emotions build, settle and flare up repeatedly. What I really enjoy about Dried Up is how even though it seems at first like a pretty straightforward indie / emo song, the lyrics are peppered with delightful cynicism (“the world has gone to shit, what am i to do?”) which is both refreshing and unconventional for this style of music. It takes an interesting angle on sentimentality / romance with lines like “You’ll kill youself eventually and find that love is all you need.” This contrasts well with the tone of the song, leaving the listener with the realization that Dried Up is deeper, more honest and more creatively imaginative than most indie fare.

Dried Up Credits:
Performed by Ryan Klem
Produced / Arranged by Joshua Rumer / Invengo Productions
Mixed / Mastered by Atom Smith / Hydraulic Klownhead

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