Howard Herrick – Self Titled


Musical artist, producer, performer and composer Howard Herrick has just released a self titled solo album. He’s no stranger to releasing music though, boasting a lengthy and impressive resume, which includes writing / producing scores for film and theater productions. He also was a member of the New Jersey rock band, “Minister Hill.” One of Herricks more well known credits involves composing music for Shaquille O’Neal’s video game, Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn.

Given Herrick’s eclectic range of talents and influemces, I really wasn’t sure what to expect stylewise from his latest album. There is in fact, plenty of variety. It opens with the light synth pop jam, Hold My Hand. The next track is an emotional, piano driven, adult conteporary song, Show Me That One Again. Then the album really lets loose with the ethereal rock opera number Go and Hear. This versatility continues right on down the list. However, the songs are all thematically consistent and feel like compatiblie ingredients in a cohesive concoction. I should mention that Howard Herrick sings on these tracks, and he is quite a capable vocalist. This style of music is very difficult to sing well. I certainly couldn’t do it. It’s impressive the way Herrick fully belts out these emotional lyrics, and his voice more than gets the job done. My favorite track on the album is probabaly New Heart, which has a brooding synth backing and features alternative-like vocals.

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