Charly & The Characters – Don’t Know Don’t Care


Don’t Know Don’t Care is a crafty new single from Los Angeles based musical artist, Charly (ft. The Characters.)  It’s a poignant indie blues jam that teases, dazzles and finally rocks when the chorus really kicks in. The song straddles the line between blues/lounge and alternative. Charly’s emotive and charismatic vocals drive the song. I can’t stress enough what a dynamic vocal performance this is . The lyrics touch upon themes of openness, acceptance  (“don’t know, don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl,”) and the search for reassurance and greater fulfillment.  The song stands on its own, but I  recommend watching the official music video, which is one of the best produced infie music vids I’ve seen over the last year.

Zoé Pelloux – writer/producer/director

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