Doc Jazz – Closer To Me


Closer To Me is a new single from Doc Jazz, a Palestinian musician based in United Arab Emirates. A lot of musicians have unusual day jobs (telemarketers, waiters, shoe salesman, etc) but Doc Jazz is actually a surgeon! He makes music in his spare time. His music is very professional and well produced and he is fairly well known though, so I would say that he is more than just hobbyist.

Closer To Me is a fascinating song in that it appeals for romance as a reprieve from the chaos and frustation associated with geopolitical current events. Doc Jazz is a good singer, and his voice reminds me a bit of Wayne Newton. Closer To Me has a jazzy, lounge music vibe. My favorite part of this song is the organ/electric piano, which has a delightfully groovin’ tone, really just a perfect fit for this style of music. Lyrically and musically, Closer To Me is an endeavor in temporary escapism. Doc Jazz employs a bit of dark humor / casual nihilism to lighten the mood: “While they rule the world outside this room, let’s pretend the globe is far from doomed.” I’m tempted to try some variation of that line on a girl and see if it works.

Anyway, this is a solid song, and Doc Jazz has one of those lively personalities that really adds a bit of flavor to the whole experience.

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