Lhu Wen Kai – High School Musical Piano Medley


Singaporean multmedia artist, filmmaker and pianist Lhu Wen Kai has completed a musical project, High School Musical Piano Medley. The project is an homage to the movie, High School Musical, a movie which Lhu credits with being his inspiration to make music. The components of the medley are arranged in such a way as to mirror the emotional journey of the film itself. Believe it or not, I’ve actually never seen High School Musical, so I’m not in a position to pontificate as to whether Lhu’s medley successfully captures the “spirit” of the film. However, his piano playing is exquisite in its own right. Lhu navigates the keys with finesse and attention to detail. The performance is crisp and meticulous. It’s important for an artist to foster a connection with artifacts from his/her formative years, as these things are intertwined with one’s identity (for better or worse.) We must revisit our inspirations from time to time and acknowledge them. Not all of us are as gifted as Lhu Wen Kai, who is able to pay tribute with such skill and technical precision.

For more info:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4MQu0lrJVOmyrTlIjt1hvV?si=kCJsxxG0Qqy34Uiqzkwlgg
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/album/piano-medley-from-high-school-musical-ep/1456882145
Facebook: http://facebook.com/lhuwenkai