Roseburg – Wave


Wave is a new single from Provo, Utah based band, Roseburg. The members of the group are actually from all different parts of the country originally, and the band is named Roseburg after the town in Oregon where they began writing their first album.

Judging by the band’s bio, I was half expecting Wave to be some kind of melancholy, northwest style indie pop track. I was pleasantly surprised (blown away actually) to discover this song is energetic and absolutely rocks. The guitars are tight with a touch of crisp distortion. The music is peppy and melodic, falling somewhere between indie rock and 80’s new wave. The vocals here are especially remarkable, far beyond the level of what one expects from a contemporary indie band. These guys really hit the the jackpot with the singer and should hold on to him. All around this is a very precision performed track, and everything in the mix sits where it should. The fact that these guys are all from different places makes me think of them as an indie all star steam of sorts. Just great musicians that work well together.

The highly anticipated single from their upcoming debut album “Righteous Punk”, entitled “Be Good” is to be released on May 25th”. Fans can enjoy the new single by following Roseburg on all platforms.

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