Peripheral Method – Runner (DLMD remix){2019 version}


How many layers of remixing are you on? The question comes to mind with Runner, a new jam from California based sound artist and producer, Peripheral Method. Runner is described as a “new version of a remix of The Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down,” by Peripheral Method, a California-based sound artist and producer. It ultimately does’t matter many musical derivatives are sliced and stacked into this collage, because the end result is something beautiful. This avant garde track is thick with ethereal ambiance. It retains a meditative quality while also boasting enough peppy synth activity for one to dance to. This is artful EDM for the thinking man (or woman,) falling somewhere in between indie folk and dreampop. The song flows continuously for the 6 minute duration, like a mini-wave on a desolate beach. In true collage form, the sounds all feel like they are part of each other. With heavy usage of echo/delay, nothing is separated here in the mix. Everything feels like one long dreamy motion. Peripheral Method strikes me as an abstract perfectionist. This version of Runner is a keeper.

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