Deane Nesbitt Jr. – Tracking the Soldier

Version 20

A lot of musicians have had strange day jobs over the course of their lives, but Deane Nesbitt Jr is one of the first artists I’ve heard who once practiced law for over a decade and co-founded an investment management company. His latest single, Tracking the Soldier appears on the aptly titled EP, Soundtracks in the Sand. This is indeed soundtrack music. It’s multi-instrumental ambiance which has a classic feel. Tracking the Soldier is not boom box roaring, action sequence material. Rather this song is more mellow and contemplative. In fact, this particulr track would be ideal for meditation and wellness exercises. It’s very relaxing but also has the power to evoke emotion and pull thoughts out of you. Unlike many contemporary instrumental songs, this one doesn’t consist of “synth beats.” There are actual organic instrument sounds being used here. It’s just good old fashioned world music. The cover image of the beach really captures the mood, as my first thought while listening was that this reminds me of the music you’d hear in exotic desert and island related films of the 40s and 50s. Be sure to check out the rest of Deane’s EP, because the songs are all quite different and interesting.

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