Khaleel Mandel – Extra Mile


Extra Mile is a new song from rapper/producer/singer-songwriter/composer/multi-instrumentalist, Khaleel Mandel. The son of professional bass player Carl Carter, Khaleel cultivated his interest in music at a very young age. Khaleel was born in Boston Massachusetts, and raised in Bridgeport, CT.

This particular track stands out for it’s groovin’ surf-like backbeat which reverberates throughout the song, creating a deep vintage ambiance. Mandel’s lyrical delivery is casual yet low-key passionate and physically expressive. The video helps to magnify this expressiveness and allows the listener to recognize Khalees as almost an avant-garde performance artist rather than just a mere musician. His rapping can stand on its own, like a slam poetry reading. The pacing is mellow and the timimg is unconventional, while the beat is psychedelically hypnotic. Khaleel doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors. He’s clearly more interested in creating art than hype, and this song delivers the goods.

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