Panteón Rococó – Infiernos


Infiernos is a new album from Panteón Rococó, a very well known ska band from Mexico City. Production on this album is top notch, better than what you hear from most major labels. The songs remind me a lot of the ska bands I grew up listening to in the 90s, except that all the lyrics are in Spanish. I do speak a little bit of Spanish but not enough to seriously analyze the lyrical content. The songs on here are lively and brimming with energy. You can just picture everyone having a ball dancing to this. The tone is very upbeat and fun throughout. Botella is probably my favorite track on the album, with it’s catchy horn lines and elaborate interludes. Most importantly I want to mention that the musiciansmanship on here is phenomenal and expertly performed to meticulous detail. It doesn’t take much to figure out this is an excellent ska album from a seasoned group of professionals.

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