Beav – Guns


Guns is a new music video from Beav, a Charleston, MO based hip hop artist. The video opens with a card game and titles like you’re watching a film or documentary, and that’s almost what it is. Guns blends hip hop with Beav’s social and political messaging. He raps about the issue of guns while “Cops” style footage is reenacted in the background through much of the vid. From a cinemtagraphy standpoint this just as much a short film as it is a music video. In ths song itself, Beav takes lyrical aim at almost everyone associated with this issue, from cops to thugs to a lot of people in between. Whatever one thinks of his opinions on these hot buttom issues, Beav is a charismatic rapper whose commanding presence drives the song. His hard hitting delivery style is slow, blunt and matter of fact. The song hits on a lot of talking points and is sure to resonate with audiences. Check it out below and see what you think.

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