Chad Rico -12 Weeks of Summer EP


12 Weeks of Summer is a new EP from artist Chad Rico. Due to his being a certified scientist, Rico is frequently referred to as “the rapping math professor.” That is a fairly uncommon day job for a musician. Combining four full singles 12 Weeks of Summer packs a lot of punch into it’s lean runtime. The opening track, Legend In The Coup is a minimalist jam that provides a chill intro as Rico offers lifestyle commentary while cruising around, pulling up into various scenes. The beat is very hypnotic. Charge It To The Game utilizes conversational delivery and layered vocals. Notably, there is also an OJ Simpson reference, (which is actually something that’s relatively topical since OJ has been in the news for recently joining Twitter.) Don’t Trust You is probably my favorite track ont he album, with it’s Lo-Fi, analog style intro. It has a very old school feel and deals more personal subject matter. Pure Highbury is more of a fun and easy going song. Again he makes good use of layering, creatively positioning narration about his experience with a female in the background. All in all, this is a slick and compact EP, which displays a knack for creative production techniques and presentation.

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