Darrell Kelley – I’m So High


I’m So High is a new single from Boston born musician, Darrell Kelley. The song deals with marijuana obviously, but the music takes on a certain ethereal, spiritual quality rather than being strictly a party jam. It is almost more of a meditation on the experience of being high. Kelley is jovial and laid back throughout the performance, just living it up and basking in his casually charismatic persona.


It’s a hip hop song technically, but Darrell sings as well, adding quite a bit of melodic musicality, and he mostly stays within his limitations. This track is pretty catchy actually, making good use of repetitive phrasing and Kelley’s memorable personality largely drives the action. I’m So High is fun, slightly spiritual and not overly flashy. Be sure and check out the video, which is fairly professional, (and they managed to get some attractive girls to show up as well.)

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