Josh Christina – Let’s Get Woke


Let’s Get Woke is a new single from Baltimore based artist, Josh Christina. You don’t have to listen very far to recognize that this guy has what it takes to go far. With his youthful, hipsterish appearance, and brash and lively piano playing, he almost seems like a throwback to the charismatic stars of the 1950s/60s, such as Bobby Darin and Jerry Lee Lewis. I’m actually blown away by Josh’s performance. On this track, he shreds the piano like it’s nothing and just seems to be having a ball the entire time. His vocals fall somewhere between country and 1950s rock’n’roll. He can really sing, too. He belts out the lyrics with a voice that seems unexpectedly powerful. Josh Christina is a prodigy, a freak of nature. Let’s Get Woke is catchy as all get out and has the potential to be a hit. If you ask me, this should be the new Monday Night Footbval intro jam.

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