Jay Elle – Ease Up (Into Love)


Ease Up (Into Love) is a new single from Jay Elle, a NYC based singer, songwriter and guitar player. His style falls within the realm of adult contemporary/country pop. One thing I was really blow away by was the guitar tone on this track. It’s so crystal clear and has the perfect sparkling chime to it. It’s the first thing that hits you and really leaves an impression, like you already know the song is going to be good. The vocals are really what give this jam its pop flavor. Jay has one of those bright, summertime voices that leaves you feeling upbeat and optimistic. He also employs some nice echo and reverb, giving the track a slightly dreamier ambiance than what we’d normally associate with country. This song is definitely chartworthy, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it playing in a commercial during a football game or something. It’s well crafted, professional, and a top tier representation of its genre.

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