Ritz Murphy – Boytoy


Boytoy is a new single from Ritz Murphy, an artist originally from San Diego. He’s a former member of the popular band, “Rare Blend,” which had songs which appeared on the soundtracks of the films Coyote Ugly and Angel Eyes. Murphy’s latest track Boytoy features a lively and unconventional, attention grabbing backbeat. It almost reminds me of an organic, fast paced beatbox. The song also demonstrates Murphy’s masterful vocal ability. This guy is a professional pop singer and just shows how it’s done, with his dynamic voice effortlessly hitting notes all over the place, seemingly at will. What I also like about the song is how fast it is. This music is supremely danceable. In some ways this jam is a throwback to a better era of pop. The production on this track is pristine and the recording allows us to hear Murphy’s intact voice without ruining it with a lot of unnecessary processing. It’s good to see an artist keep pushing forward in a long career.

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