Dirty Snowman Society – Taste of Heaven


Taste of Heaven is a new single from Dirty Snowman Society, a rock outfit based in Copper Mountain, CO. The song features clean guitars and brooding vocals. The singer has a fairly deep and mysterious voice, giving the track a darker, alternative-like quality. The production is at a very high, audiophiliac standard. Whoever mixed and mastered this recording really knew what they were doing. It sounds better than what you hear from most major labels these days. Taste of Heaven starts off like a mellow rock jam, but the song really amps up for the chorus and goes full power. It alternates this way throughout. Stylewise, the sound reminds a bit of the 90s classic by Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You, (which appeared on the Empire Records soundtrack.)

These guys are obviously professional musicians, and this is a terrific release.

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