Horsey SUN GOD – 7letter4ever2 Grateful


7letter4ever2 Grateful is a new album from hip hop artist, Horsey SUN GOD. The backing beats on the opening track (Open Doors) feature some powerful theatraical music, which boosts the intensity of the songs and gives them a dramatic flair. Other songs like B Movie Actors have more of a golden age 90s backing, with crackle chime and analog tape hiss, reminiscent of vintage 2Pac, Mobb Deep and even Wu Tang. Horsey’s style seems to combine the laid back west coast sound with the east coast substance and grit. The more I listen to these songs, the more impressed I am with the variety and breadth of content. Every one of these songs has an elaborately distinct sound. My favorite aspect of this album though is Horsey’s delivery and the way it’s handled production wise. A lot of newer rappers ruin their songs by overdoing autotune and vocal processing. That Horsey’s rhymes comes through clear and crisp, is one of many elements it shares with classic hip hop.

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