Poingly – As Nice As, As Cute As


As Nice As, As Cute As is a new single from Poingly, as part of the upcoming album, Make Yourself into a Machine The release is notable for its incorporation of AI and deep learning into the songwriting process. The experiment seems to be going smoothly so far. By combining analog aesthetics with cutting edge programming, the result achieved is a 21st century retrofuturist gem. With it’s hypnotic blips and beeps, the music treats the user to a delightfully chaotic mathematical ambiance. Several different mixes exist for this song, each with its own individual “personality.” My favorite version has to be the “deep learning mix.” It just seems to have the most bounce to it. There is a video available for this track as well, which utilizes a type of rotoscoping effect, similar to the 80s classic, Take On Me. As Nice As, As Cute As apparently isn’t 100% AI though. There was some manual input on the the performance side of things. As this technology inevitably improves, so will the music. Though not the first, Poingly will be recognized as one of the artists who was at the forefront of the transhumanist music scene. I know that he’s off to a good start because I wouldn’t have been able to detect that this was AI music if I hadn’t known ahead of time.

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