Monsieur Shwill – Fuga (feat. Monica Mussungo)

shwill-stepkid (1)

Fuga is a new single from Barcelona based artist, Monsieur Shwill.Featuring the delicate vocals and lyrics of Angolan singer, Monica Mussungo, the song presents as a softly avant garde escapade. The musical backing, with it’s crackly tape hiss intro has a classy and old time feel right from the start. Atmospheric and thought provoking, the music matches the aesthetic of the cover exactly, as it captures the ambiance one associates with a mysterious and quiet old building. Monsieur Shwill takes trip hop in a new direction, one which combines traditional music with the subtle rhythmic pleasures of hip hop. The best part is that he has the intuitive sense to take the best qualities and leave out the worst. His musical idealism shines in this recording, which sets a higher standard for trip-hop music. It’s great to see so many indie hip hop artists from Europe moving away from the commercial and superficial stereotypes associated with these musical styles and toward a more high minded and graceful artistry. Monsieur Shwill clearly sees himself more as a symphony conductor and composer than a flashy producer, and Fuga is an orchestral mini-masterpiece.


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