IF IT BLEEDS IT DIES – Prophesied – EP


Prophesied is a new EP from Oklahome metal outfit, IF IT BLEEDS IT DIES. The songs have delightfully demonic vibes. A fast and deliberate drum beat combines with authoritative guitars to deliver a classic metal sound. The tone is unapologetically dark, sucking the listener deep into the hellish vortex we all yearn for. Suffice to say, these guys are pretty talented and have a solid grasp on the genre. The vocals are reminiscent of the evil djinn character in the Wishmaster film series. With track titles like Blasphemous and Black Heart, you get the idea. As I’ve come to expect with metal musicians, the members play their instruments with meticulous precision and don’t cut corners. The doomsday ambiance isn’t holding them back from putting on a good clean show. Overall, I found Prophesied to be strangely energizing and hypnotic, kind of like a loud musical seance. IF IT BLEEDS IT DIES is a band that has definitely summoned something with this crisp release.

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