Sicko is a new EP from trap metal artist SLUG THE SICKO. He’s a enigmatic performer who leaves a lot to the imagination, which I like. Very little is known about him other than he’s been creating music for about 4 years. The songs on the EP are dark and hypnotic, with backing music that takes on mechanical and industrial sound characteristics. It’s like you’re overhearing performance art at an abandoned haunted factory in the rust belt. The vocals utilize a 90’s style metallic horror-like processing, reminiscent of Folk Implosion’s Daddy Never Understood and Natural One. An expressive anger dominates the delivery and emotional ambiance, though the track Like You departs from this, demonstrating a softer and more vulnerable side. Overall, this is a good creative effort. The artist’s personality really manifests itself in the music. I think this would make a good cassette release.

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