N2BLÜ – Neon Gold


Neon Gold is a new single from musical duo, N2BLÜ. The song combines elements of pop and EDM to create an energetic and passionate club jam. The vocal training of New Orleans native, Jonathan Arceneaux really shines through on the catchy chorus, which is in fact, pure gold. The beat (courtesy of Russian born artist Konstantin Smorodnikov) is powerful and uplifiting, providing a lively and melodic framework for the track to succeed. Both artists come from different backgrounds, with Jonathan coming from a pop singer/lyricist’s world and Konstantin earning his stripes on the DJ/Club circuit. The group was additionally cultivated and developed in part by producer Loren Israel. The technical quality of this song is stellar. It’s very clean and sonically pleasing, without being overly processed. There’s a lot of clarity in the mix, and all the best ingredients are accentuated. Neon Gold is a professional and high octane release. Some top notch songwriting here.

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