Jack Acid – Gutless


A Friday the 13th special, Gutless is a new single from punk rap artist, Jack Acid. Contrary to what the title would have you believe, Gutless is a bold and genre defying release, as Jack takes a stab at achieving crossover appeal in a difficult market. Jack Acid functions as a one-man musical doomsday machine. While the ambiance is dark and the vibe is that of “horror movie metal,” the rap elements really are there, and the track is surprisingly high energy. The lyrical delivery is tight and on point. This isn’t just some dude screaming fiendish chants into the void. There’s melody and musical cohesion here. The backbeat is thrashin’ but contains hypnotic “siren-like” sounds and the occasional creepy voice. Gutless is also fairly dynamic. There are a lot of changes and a number of different distinct segments within the track, almost as though there are several songs within the song, each combining with one another to a some kind of epic demonic centipede.

The video for this jam (which premiered on WorldStarHipHop) does a solid job of matching the mile-a-minute pacing of the song (there are literally scenes with him driving fast and belting out lyrics, with his head sticking out of a car window.) It’s professionally shot and edited in a manner that always keeps the action moving. The visual elements are those of the average 80’s horror movie: blood, leather jackets, the devil, long hair….and in the context of metal (or in this case, metal adjacent) those visuals are timeless and never will seem out of place. As a performer, Jack manages to display the kind of charisma where you know people will either love him or hate him, reminiscent of other pop/metal/punk stars who experiment and venture outside of their comfort zone. That’s just what happens when you take artistic chances. The underlying potential is there though. It would be a welcome change to see artists like Jack Acid, who practice this more brazen and darkly medievel style, replace the more milquetoast pop/rapcore class of crossover artists like Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit.

Apparently Gutless is even available on 7″. That’s right you can get this bad boy on translucent red vinyl. Pretty cool.

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