Bizza Caviar – Chandelaire Thunder


Chandelaire Thunder is a new EP from Montreal based hip hop artist, Bizza Caviar. This smooth groovin’ release features dreamy backbeats and lounge vibe aesthetics. The lyrical delivery is crystal clear and conversational as Bizza’s charismatic voice and quick wit attempt to captivate the listener. Unconventional tracks like Utah Game 6 flaunt avant garde and creatively hypnotic elements. Even though the album isn’t particularly long, there’s a lot of variety in the beats and plenty of structural experimentation, lending this release a fullness that similar sized albums may lack. The EP was executive produced by Era beats (who I must say did a fine job) and includes guest apperances by Nikki Joku on two of the songs. Chandelaire Thunder is actually interesting musically and Bizza Caviar demonstrates intellectual curiosity as an artist.

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