III-SCAR – Child of the Night / Wasted Promises


Child of the Night and Wasted Promises are two new singles from Netherlands based hip hop artist, III-SCAR (which I believe is pronouced like “triple scar”). His style falls into the realm of “alternative” hip hop and has a bit of a darker, avant garde flair to it. With Child of the Night you get the idea right away. It’s creepy but in a good way, like horror movie rap music basically. The backing synths pull you in and are especially memorable. His lyrical delivery is tight and hypnotically monotonous, giving the track an extra haunted vibe. The skills are definitely there, as I found myself nodding my head along with the beat and timing once I started getting into it. Wasted Promises is a little brighter and more upbeat, with the delivery taking on a more dynamic and melodic character. The song displays a surprisingly sentimental side while still retaining the artist’s shadowy imprint. Both of these jams are worthy of a listen, so go ahead and give them a whirl.

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Instagram: III_SCAR