JBAN$VGE – LIFE$TYLE ( No x Hook )


LIFE$TYLE ( No x Hook ) is a new single from hip hop artist, JBAN$VGE, hailing from the south east area of LA (562). Production is credited to Trillmatic. This pimp tight jam demonstrates a firm grasp of fundamentals in delivery and hip hop songwriting. JBAN$VGE doesn’t come off as flashy or tryhard. He sticks to the content and keeps the focus on the music. His laid back, stream of consciousness style of delivery flows nicely, while the lyrics are surprisingly motivational. He raps about struggle and perseverance but keeps the drama to a minimum. It’s all about pushing ahead. The beat is mellow and hypnotic, but not without a pulse. This is a decent and straightforward hip hop tune. It’s a promising entry for a young hip hop artist working his way into the game.

Be on the lookout for his new project with the lead single Exposing Da Fake.

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