Kamryn Marie – Under Control

under control

Under Control is a new EP from Kamryn Marie, a Maryland-based pop artist (originally hailing from Washington DC). These tracks feature some spacy, retro synth beats, combining 80s dance vibes with contemporary vocal aesthetics. This is what 21st century pop is supposed to be like. The songs are peppy and bright, with Kamryn Marie’s quirky and beautiful vocals serving as an emotional pick-me-up. Fun is blended with sentimentality and a touch of sensual romance. Somebody With a Broken Heart is catchy to the max and a real gem of a song. A good way to describe it is if you put some sweet lyrics to VHS aerobics workout music. Kamryn has a pretty voice, but I’m also impressed with her creativity in songwriting. She’s crafted a memorable little niche here as an artist.

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