LVSTNIGHT – Last Night Was Hell

Last Night Was Hell - Cover

Last Night Was Hell is a new EP from LVSTNIGHT. First off, let me just say that I love the awesome, retro album cover art. It’s the best I’ve seen so far this year (I realize it’s still only January but I see a lot of album covers). Thematically, this release is coherently structured, with consistent track names like Potion, Yellow Pills, Lock Jaw, etc, it’s like a musical trip to the drugstore after a wild night out. The style is minimalist, with sparse but engaging beats and LVSTNIGHT’s casual delivery driving the action. His vocals are noteworthy in that he utilizes his voice to make creative sounds while spouting lyrics, giving him a dinstinctive and memorable persona. This album excels in style and aesthetics, and the lyrical substance lives up to the imagery. While this is technically classified as an EP, it does contain 8 fun filled songs and satisfies like a full length album.

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