Alpha Cat – Mockingbird


Released on Aquamarine Records, Mockingbird is a single from Alpha Cat (the professional moniker of longtime indie icon Elizabeth McCullough). The song is from Alpha Cat’s current album, Thatched Roof Glass House and features a host of well- known, seasoned musicians with impressive credits. Just to give you an idea, it was recorded with the assistance of Fred Smith (Blondie and the band Television), guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer), Reggie McBride (Elton John) and Chris Butler (The Waitresses) on bass, Jason Harrison Smith (Albert Lee, Kelly Sweet, Ian Andersen), co-producer Jon Mattox and it was mastered by Brett (Cosmo) Thorngren.

Described as a “dreamy ode to individuality” Mockingbird has an organic and ethereal sound, with elements of indie folk and alternative. It’s refreshing to see such musical craftsmanship in an indie song. It’s like if you were to give a musical project “major label” level talent and excellent production values, and the track somehow managed to retain its sincere, artistic essence (while also sounding good). Bright vocals and sparkly, note bending guitars carry much of the action, but the drums are notable for their natural sound, a rarity in the age of heavily (over)processed backing beats. The singing on here is way more advanced than what one expects for this type of music. I mean, really just stellar vocals. There’s emotional depth, there’s passion, there’s sensitivity, etc. Don’t try this at home kids. Dealing with the subject of individuality and celebrating “being yourself,” Mockingbird presents these ideals in an empowering fashion, utilizing poetic and nature metaphors. These messages and motifs radiate beautifully throughout this recording, which aboves all bears the fruits of of artistic perseverance.


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