Apex Mees – Gods Calling (feat. Par$ha)


Gods Calling is a new single from Apex Mees (also featuring his cousin Par$ha who raps in farsi). Having made music together since they were only 13, the two have pioneered a blend of American and Persiab hip hop. When paired together, they do have a rather distinctive sound. The backing music is theatrical and ethereal, at times resembling orchestral church music with an added intensity. Both performers have a natural and fluid delivery flow, as the lyrics roll off effortlessly. As with many rappers, the skills are even more apparent at moments where the rapping speeds up. Gods Calling is also well produced. Nothing in the mix sounds harsh, which is especially important for this song, as the soft clarity of the music makes the sound so classically enjoyable. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from these guys.

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