Juan Sánchez – Rebirth


Rebirth is the debut album from artist/composer, Juan Sánchez. The tracks are largely piano-driven but often incorporate strings and other instrumental sounds, creating an atmosphere of quiet intensity. Emotionally evocative, the music elicits feelings of sadness and solitude, while maintaining a subtly uplifting and deeply engaging ambiance throughout. Artistically, the expression is off the charts. You can just feel the passion in these recordings. Heading to Dreamland and Arctic Solitude are two tracks to me which stood out as particularly powerful and both feature memorably climactic moments. From a technical standpoint, Juan is a very proficient piano player, and everything is very delicately crafted. This guy is a veteran musician and really knows what he is doing when constructing these compositions. Rebirth would make an excellent soundtrack to any film which deals with quietly dramatic emotions and thought provoking material. If I had to characterize the “mood” of this album I’d say it reminds me of the feeling of being outside just after it rains.

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