Shalom Kolontarov – Titanic


Titanic is a new single from artist, Shalom Kolontarov. To say “artist” is an understatement. This guy is an Actor/Singer/Producer/Director and all around performer extraordinaire. His song Titanic is a memorable and avant garde “instant classic,” with the potential to go viral if a video is made for the track. The song is done in a spoken word, performance art style with a light musical backing and subtle hip hop vibes. Not just a gargantuan metaphor, this jam is literally about the Titanic (the actual ship) as Shalom (speaking as the character Jack) relays a brief version of a story loosely borrowed from the plot of the 1997 film. He meets Rose on the Titanic and she agrees to pose nude for him because he wants to “sketch her naked body.” Jack ends up having sex with her and decides he wants to marry her. Subsequently he dies when the ship hits the iceberg, while she survives. That’s it. Now people can just listen to this jam and won’t even have to sit through a three hour movie. Shalom’s deadpan delivery is highly effective, and his accent definitely adds something to the ambiance. I think people would go wild for a live performance of this. It’s totally worth the price of admission.

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