Bailey Jehl, Ruben Gausel Torkelsen – I Would


I Would is a new single from Nashville based pop singer/songwriter Bailey Jehl and EDM producer Ruben Gausel Torkelsen (who grew up in Norway.) Things blend together quite nicely in this unlikely collaboration. The audio mix is clean and professional, with Bailey’s innocent vocals backed by light guitars and a minimalist beat. Various synthlike elements appear (often unexpectedly) which emotionally accentuate the track at strategic and climactic points. The result is that I Would retains the credibly organic “singer/songwriter” sound, while distinguishing itself with a 21st century spark that gives the music a bit of a polished edge. This aspect makes the song more pop accessible and allows it to break away from genre stereotypes. For her part, Bailey has a lovely, natural voice that seems tailor made for indie pop, and every delicate detail of it is audibly emphasized in the mix. I Would is a very well balanced song, as Ruben keeps the EDM elements in check and wisely utilizes them to complement the organic sound rather than compete with it. On a collaborative effort like this, it’s tough to know who’s responsible for what creative choice, but there’s a lot of talent apparent in the final product here, and that’s what counts.

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