Party Pants – Party Pants


Party Pants is a new single from the musical artist of the same name. This is one of those songs that seems perfectly engineered to go viral. It’s catchy, well produced and revels in its own delightful obnoxiousness. True to the title, this track is pure unadulterated fun. Party Pants describes his music as “hard pop.” It basically fuses elements from hard rock and pop music. It reminds me a bit of Kid Rock’s or Andrew WK’s style but with better music and less controversy. Party Pants has all the ingredients of a hit, and the music video is even better than what you see from major label artists. Clearly a lot of effort went into the production and the resulting aesthetics are phenomenal. They managed to get quite a few attractive girls to show up, too. I really wish I knew what the budget was for all this. I thoroughly enjoyed this jam, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Embrace your guilty pleasures and rock out to this bombastic musical extravaganza.

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