Trivon – Without You


Without You is a new release from China-based artist, Trivon. A mere teenager, Trivon is something of a child prodigy in working with Ableton and has been creating music since the age of 11. I have to say, I listened to many different versions of this song from various artists, and this is by far the best one. This piano driven jam features crystal clear vocals and excellent production. Trivon wisely avoids utilizing a lot of abrasive processing and sound gimmicks, opting instead to focus on sonic clarity and warmth. The whole thing just sounds very professional and achieves major label levels of mix quality. Without You as conceived by this artist is more of a radio friendly pop track than a high octane dance mix, but the song still contains enough energy and pep that you can dance to it if you’re in the mood. Trivon has also done similar remix style versions of songs like Ariana Grande’s Don’t Call Me Angel. I recommend you check out those as well. Trivon appears to be expanding into experimentation with other genres and musical forms. He’s very young but has demonstrated advanced skills so far and will only get better.

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