J D – Isolations Vol. 1 (EP)


Isolations Vol.1 is a new EP from 16 year old UK based artist, J D. This mellow lo-fi instrumental album is sonically pleasing. Analog warmth, subtle tape hiss, and the occasional crackle give the songs a classic, retro feel. Light synths/electric piano give these tracks a quietly roaring sound while the effects envelope them in an avant garde, rainy day ambiance. While the album is instrumental, certain song like Friendship do contain vocal samples (including a famous line from the film, Casablanca). My favorite track on this release is probably Bliss, which sounds like a cross between vintage video game music and a Super8 art film soundtrack. It’s just very beautiful. The final song, No New News features Farfisa like organ sounds, giving it a subtle Napoleon Dynamite vibe.

This EP is classified as “lo-fi,” but the production is so well done that even the most discriminating audiophiles would concede the sound quality is quite high end. Isolations Vol. 1 almost serves as a musical homage to old black and white movies. It captures their atmosphere with such clarity that you’ll feel like you’re right there in the frame. It’s a mood.

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