Raymon G. – Nadie Se Entera (feat. Ralfy Haze)


Nadie Se Entera is a new single from Puerto Rican artist, Raymon G. Also featuring Ralfy Haze, this track packs in quite a bit of intrigue and suspense into its modest runtime. The song is in a style known as “Urbano Latino” (which I am unfamiliar with, but one can quickly pick up on the vibe). Nadie Se Entera deals with the conflicting emotions experienced by a man and a woman who are having affairs behind each other’s backs. The lyrics are completely in Spanish, and the vocals are delivered in slightly hushed tones, as if whispering a secret in musical form. Synth driven beats take on a slightly futuristic character, while maintaining recognizably latin American undertones. As the complex narrative intellectually enhances the song, the music is vivacious and approachable enough for the average person to dance to it. Nadie Se Entera is brimming with sensual tension.

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