Only1Tipy – Free Slave


Free Slave is a new album from artist, Only1Tipy. This 5 song EP features intense, cinematic backing beats, saturated with deep reverb for atmospheric effect. A pattern emerges where tracks begin with an artfully haunting intro that quickly builds before the music impacts with its full force. Once the action gets going, these songs have a real nice kick to them. Only1Tipy’s delivery is passionate, and he has the vocal presence of a natural orator. His lyrics delve deeply into the realm of emotion, both the personal and that of a broader community. Carefully Layered and strategically placed backing vocals give the album an ambiance that’s akin to a ministry or public gathering. The music is melodic and much more spiritually surreal than what one typically hears in this genre. The tone is just very emotive and cerebral. Production quality is up to par, as the recordings are very clear, and no abrasive elements can be detected in the mix. While the music is pleasant to listen to, Free Slave is also a sincere and inspirational album which will resonate internally with target audiences.


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