Chitarra – Rules of The Jungle


Rules of The Jungle is a new single from Indonesian singer/songwriter, Chitarra. The song was influenced by the classic story of The Jungle Book, which pretty much everyone should be familiar with. Aside from the music on this track capturing a nature oriented ambiance and tropical, jungle-like quality, it serves as a metaphor for Chitarra’s personal artistic journey through the world of music. The phrase “It’s a jungle out there” is an old saying that’s frequently used to describe the rough and tumble business climate of the corporate world. The music industry is no exception.

In beautifully vocalized terms, Chitarra describes the danger and uncertainty of this environment. The theme though of course, is that one shouldn’t allow themselves to succumb to the harsh rules of the jungle. Rather, the challenge is to survive and thrive in the jungle, while remaining as sincere and true to yourself as possible. It’s a lovely song, very eloquently performed and will tug at the listener’s heartstrings a bit.

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