Jxhar and DenZe – Jasmine


Jasmine is a new single from New York artists, Jxhar and DenZe. The release is part of their upcoming collaborative effort called Don’t Play With Fire. There’s actually a video for this jam, and I have to say it’s one of the better indie music videos I’ve seen recently. There’s an actual narrative, and it’s filmed in a split screen style, with a soap opera visual aesthetic. It’s almost like watching an intro to a televsion show. Romantic undertones, communication struggles and dramatic relationship dynamics play out in the lyrics in a way that will resonate with listeners of all types. Watching the couple bicker gives the track a voyeuristic, reality tv vibe. As far as the musical aspect, it’s a pretty straightforward pop song with solid production and vocal performances. It will definitely get people interested and wanting to see more from these artists. They’re definitely off to a great start, and I highly anticipate the release of the rest of this project.

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