Jason Biyo – Numb


Numb is a new single from pop/R&B artist, Jason Biyo. The song is the title track from his upcoming debut album, N.U.M.B. (slated to be released on June 5th). Smooth and melodic, this jam is good old fashioned ’90s-style R&B. In terms of vocals, this guy is no pretender. Most contemporary R&B songs are loaded with auto-tune and buried in processing effects. That’s not the case here. He’s an excellent singer and not afraid to push his voice to its limits. Thematically, Numb strives to be an anthem for people who are trying to make it and constantly being put down or discouraged. Personally, I would never put this artist down or doubt his prospects. He definitely has the skills to make it. Just needs the right connections and a few breaks.

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