Paul Haas – She Told Me

Paul Haas Long Long Time 72 DPI - Photo_ Mark McConnell

She Told Me is a new single from country/folk/bluegrass singer songwriter, Paul Haas. It’s from his album Long Long Time which is out now and should be available on all platforms by the end of June. This song is really impressive. The recording quality is excellent and the mix is clear as a bell. With the performance displayed, it’s hard to believe this is the debut album. This is equivalent to the music of someone in their artistic prime. Featuring warm tones, a lively atmosphere and sentimentally honest vocals, She Told Me is probably the best country track I’ve reviewed so far this year. It’s one of those songs that has a vibrant and energetic ambiance that you can dance to and have a good time, while the lyrical content conveys a mood that’s emotionally expressive and even slightly somber. Narrated from the artist’s perspective, She Told Me relays a story about a woman who said that she loved him and would never leave. Even though in the song, he never explicitly mentions anything about her breaking up with him, since everything is in the past tense (“I had a woman,” “she told me”) it’s implied that she did end up leaving. She Told Me is catchy, engaging, and one heck of a fine song.

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