Layla Kilolu – In Memory of You


In Memory of You is a new album from Honolulu-based artist Layla Kilolu. Intended to honor her exes, the sound is surprisingly upbeat and energetic. This isn’t funeral procession music. Featuring ambient, futuristic synths and bright vocals, the style balances neatly between EDM and pop. Layla’s voice has a naturally sweet tone that manages to convey innocence, vulnerability and sincerity. She can actually sing pretty well, too. Perhaps what’s greatest about the album is that though these songs are about her exes, she never comes across as particularly bitter. This isn’t just someone rattling off a laundry list of grievances. In fact,the track No Games deals with the games men and women play with each other. In Memory of You covers the healthy, full range of emotions one feels as relationships come and go over the years. The production is high quality, and the mix does a nice job of allowing Layla’s vocals to drive the emotional action. This is a touching release that still contains enough electricity to fire up a dance floor if necessary.

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