KÍTA – Things You Don’t Know

things you dont know

Things You Don’t Know is a new single from electronic pop artist, KÍTA. Despite a mellow and deliberate pacing, this synth-driven, retro 80’s jam is brimming to the max with a low-level, pulsating energy. KÍTA’s vocals are dynamic and charismatic, as she belts out the lyrics with an impressive vitality. She sings well even at full volume. The minimalist beat manages to punch above its weight, by way of its crisp bass and voguish vibe. This is a very good pop song, which captures the authentic 80’s spirit (take it from me, I was there). Energizing and empowering, this is a track for people looking to get up and get on the move. It will give you the “pick me up” you need.

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