James Aubrey 3 Experience – Dope

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Dope is a new EP from James Aubrey 3 Experience. Though it was only released a week or two ago, the album has already amassed more than 50k streams. The songs chronicle the ordeal he went through as a military recruit, where he was allegedly the victim of a scam and ended up being sentenced to jail for 3 months (he wrote a book about the whole experience as well). He definitely has spent some time cultivating his skills. James has a lively and charismatic delivery style and has mastered the ability to transform his vocals into an instrument in their own right. In addition to demonstrating a solid R&B-style singing ability, he also creatively employs vocal layering to give the tracks a multi-dimensional and reflective conversational feel. The backing music is vibrant, upbeat and ethereal. Lyrically speaking, there’s a lot of substance here, as James Aubrey 3 really does convey a detailed narrative of what he went through.

However, he comes off as surprisingly positive and resilient, and the energetic tone of the music reflects this. It’s worth nothing also that James Aubrey 3 is a signed professional drummer (Soultone Cymbals, Collision Drum Sticks & SJC Drum Customs). Dope is a dynamic 21st century released, fueled by the time-tested combo of technical skill and pure passion.

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