Lucid Ending – Product (1)

Product is a new single from Canadian-based rock band, Lucid Ending. The song offers up a subtle commentary on the consumerist hellscape we live in and the pressures of the inorganic, “modern” world. Aesthetically, it’s vaguely reminiscent of the vibe in John Carpenter’s They Live, which may or may not have been an inspiration. Yet it incorporates more contemporary elements like the quest for social media validation and dopamine hits. People are living their lives as commodities and metrics. In this sense the phrase “product of one’s time” takes on a dual meaning, hence the title. In the video, imagery of nature hints at a possible escape.


Musically, the song is pretty straightforward and robust, with crisp, assertive guitars and vocals that get the job done. These guys know how to play their instruments, and that’s always a plus. It fits pretty neatly within the realm of alternative rock, but there some subtle artifacts of pop punk as well. It’s clean and catchy, without any excess processing or a bunch of annoying autotune. More importantly though, this track should resonate with a lot of people as it accurately captures the spectre haunting millennial and zoomer life. Overall, Product is a solid single with quality production and a coherent message geared toward a certain audience.

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