Stan Stubbs – I’m Free


I’m Free is an upcoming single from Chicago-based gospel artist, Stanley Stubbs, which is being released on My Father’s House Records. Stanley got involved in music at an early age, and he formed his own band, “Sudden Impact,” in 1979. A few of his influences are Duke Ellington, George Duke, Andre Crouch, and The Hawkins Family. That should give you an idea. His sound is smooth, classy and liberating in a positive way. Titles like I’m Free and I Release To You are not merely titles but also serve as a metaphor for the vibe of the performance. He really puts his emotions into the vocals and just lays it all out there for the listener. It’s powerful, passionate and uplifting. This is the kind of vocally driven music where you can’t fake it. Stan can sing well, and he belts each verse out of the park. You can also tell he cares a lot about his craft and the meaning behind the music. There’s some great energy and sunshine in these recordings.

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