Romano – Ker-Blam!


Ker-Blam! is a new single from artist, Romano. The song features a piano and synth-driven beat that maintains a consistent suspense and subtly brooding vibe throughout. Romano’s delivery is straightforward, deliberate and methodical. Rapping at a moderate-to-quick pace, he demonstrates excellent flow and timing. His deep voice contains an intensity that brings the listener to attention. What’s most noticeable though is that he raps for long periods of time without breaks. When this guy’s on a roll, he doesn’t come up for air. In terms of content, not a single second of this track is wasted. True to its title, Ker-Blam! packs quite a blast for its brief 1:42 runtime. The beat slowly transforms into an delightfully ambient, ethereal musical over the course of the song. Ultimately, this is a loaded single that’s brimming with youthful energy. I recommend listening to this jam on a loop for the full effect, or if you happened to blink the first time around.

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