1st Klase – Trapikal Gawd


Trapikal Gawd is a new (and first) full length album from 1st Klase. Featuring 16 tracks and an ensemble of supporting guest performers (including Trinidad Ghost, Nico Banks, Sykaflo, Hey Choppi, Coutain, and Ding Dong), the album could be described as the ideal, “end of summer” collection for 2020. The sound combines trap, hip hop, and R&B musical genres with an island/Caribbean ambiance. In terms of delivery, the skill level is high across the board. Each performer brings a particular flavor to the mix and the vocals are tight with the beat. There’s some very meticulous timing on display here that strikes me as natural. As the fabulous cover art implies, the music is more fun and melodic than typical hip hop oriented releases. Clever and witty lyrics are backed by fresh and tropically fruity beats. In fact, the backing music is so good, this could just as easily work as an instrumental album. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the vocal talent though. This is some of the best rhyming you’re ever going to hear.

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